About Us

Laetoli, enabling sustainable transformation.

Who Are We

Human Creativity and Innovation

Archaeological findings at Laetoli (in Tanzania), present the earliest evidence of human culture and technological advancement, making it the cradle of origin for humankind, human creativity and innovation.

This inspired the establishment of Laetoli, a company that design and implement innovative consulting, facilitation, and training solutions to meet uniquely African and South African transformation challenges.


“People will support what they created” ~ Marv Weisbord


keeping to our heritage

What do we do

Finding patterns for change

Weaving New Patterns for Sustainable Transformation

We understand people and processes – the warp and weft of the organisational fabric. We also understand how the demands of a volatile, uncertain, and complex world can render that fabric in tatters.

Laetoli’s basket of knowledge contains the intellectual capital, practical know-how, tools and a multi-disciplinary team needed to empower our clients to craft their desired futures; to attain their strategic and operational goals and to enable the changes required to attain these.

Laetoli provides new and effective patterns for managing change – we help clients to create their own baskets of knowledge, with all the secrets of sustainable transformation.

Our Laetoli Brand

The crossing patterns define human identity and the almost infinite variations on these patterns in BaKuba design testify to the richness of human difference.