Change Navigation Capacity Building/ Training

As a core element of both large and small change projects, Laetoli has executed Change Navigation Capacity Building/Training for various stakeholders at all levels of the organisation, including:

  • Internal change community members, change agents and/or OD specialists
  • Managers and/or leaders
  • Employees

Our change training experience is as follows:

  • Enterprise wide change navigation capacity building at all levels of the organisation for the Financial Services Board (FSB) Twin Peaks restructuring process
  • Change awareness and change resilience building sessions to MultiChoice employees during large scale systems implementation; change capacity building of organisation wide change agent network and change leadership capacity building for line managers in all impacted areas
  • Change navigation capacity building of change specialists/leads in Standard Bank Change Services
  • Building coaching skills, HR systems work and intervention to align leaders and staff behind a higher purpose to enhance talent retention at Bigen Africa
  • Change resilience workshops for staff affected by restructuring at Standard Bank
  • Change navigation capacity building/training for consultants of Business Systems Group (BSG) on how to manage change on their client projects
  • Change navigation capacity building/training programmes to support roll out of De Beers’ Global HR System
  • Standard Bank: Change Services, five day programme to equip internal change specialists and change implementers to design and implement change processes
  • Capacity building for OD and change specialists in DaimlerChrysler
  • Change navigation capacity building for leaders on how to deal with employee reactions in restructuring/integration of different divisions at Standard Bank
  • Change navigation leadership capacity building/ for managers and equipping change agents in the T-Systems – Arrivia.kom to support the merger proces
  • Laetoli was contracted by the University of Johannesburg’s Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management to provide change navigation training to Executive, Senior and Middle Managers at Harmony Mine as part of a holistic leadership development process; and at Pioneer Foods
  • Change navigation capacity building/training programme for leaders and change agents at:
    • Department of Justice
    • dti (CCRD)
    • Department of Communication
  • Leadership change navigation capacity building to deal with employee reactions at RAU, TWR and Vista merger
  • Change leadership and employee workshops on change resilience before merger between Schering Pharmaceuticals and Bayer
  • Change navigation integration workshops for staff and managers in merger that formed Tshwane University of Technology
  • Change leadership capacity building programmes in Department of Justice, Department of Communication, Amathola District Municipality
  • Change navigation capacity building/training for leaders in Monash University to lead a comprehensive restructuring process